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CiviESCo is an Energy Service Company based in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Our activity in the field of energy efficiency is mainly developed in our region, in Veneto and we are expanding our area of ​​competence to Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. We have recently established a research and development office in Rome that is particularly active in European calls.

An Energy Service Company develops energy efficiency both in the public and private sectors with a logical and effective approach that we can summarize as follows:

documentary collection of data on energy consumption, analysis of the same and proposal of interventions with the related time schedule. This is the content that an energy diagnosis must have to be a valid tool to support investment decisions;
functional technical solutions for achieving the goals of reducing consumption expressed in the energy audit;
economic sustainability. The technical solutions identified to favor improvements must be economically sustainable.


We believe that simultaneous innovation in the energy, communication and transport sectors has historically resulted in increased productivity levels to support growth. We are experiencing one of these phases of great change, where a new widespread economic model is taking shape that reverses the pyramid of energy and information distribution.

In our opinion, space has been created to apply a sort of territorial "Keynesian" income multiplier that takes into account both the economic and the socio-cultural effect.

From this point of view, the efficiency enhancements in the public sector reach the goal of involving the communities and demonstrating the goodness that they can have if applied on a large scale also to the private sector.


Current technological innovation has as its main drivers renewable sources, digitalisation (blockchain, cryptocurrency, Internet of Things) and Smart Mobility (intelligent urban mobility).

We are convinced that the green economy is a new model of widespread economic and social development and not the continuation of the previous one, which was based mainly on the control of a few of the energy sources deriving from the exploitation of fossil hydrocarbons.

CiviESCo was created with the aim of demonstrating and measuring the direct and indirect benefits that can be obtained with the integrated and applied development of new technologies in the area. We pursue the improvement of the quality of life of communities, aware of the importance of their role in the conversion to a new energy model, supporting the economy of SMEs that share these objectives and in particular that of reducing climate-changing gas emissions and waste of power.

We use alternative business models and innovative and personalized financing schemes, based on certified project financing software which, together with the deep technological and financial competences, ensure the partners optimal results of energy saving and management of environmental and economic-social resources.

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