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CiviESCo products and services can be grouped into 4 categories:

Advice. Energy Diagnosis: verification of energy management methods of an organization and identification of improvement interventions and ancillary services. CAR (high efficiency cogeneration) and SEU (efficient user systems) recognition practices. Practices for the management of white certificates (TEE) in the strict sense, control procedures and monitoring of consumption.

Energy efficiency improvement. Adoption of the best available technologies in order to limit energy consumption and enhance production processes.

Capital Intensive. CiviESCo favors interventions on public assets through the development of Public Private Partnerships in project financing.
CiviESCo favors energy efficiency in SMEs and thanks to the close synergy with the Bank opens up a wide range of facilitated finance interventions available.

Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE or white certificates). Energy efficiency certificates can be requested by any company in Italy that achieves results in terms of energy efficiency. Only ESCos can handle the TEE request.


Our products and services are dedicated to:


Energy audit / diagnosis

ISO 50001

Energy audit / diagnosis

Thermal account/TEE


Thermal account/TEE

Capital intensive / project financing


Vertical products




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